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Meet Chris, CEO and co-founder of Torutek, specialising in AI, IoT and hardware solutions

"I chose to work in the Waikato for the opportunities I knew I’d be able make for myself by being here. I found a challenging role and made it my own."
GIS Analyst
"Everyone is so honest and sincere. Being able to grow my career in the Waikato has been a blessing. I have opportunities to try different career directions in my company."
IT Manager & Consultant
Hamilton’s a great place for testing your ideas. People are genuinely interested and willing to help. Connect, innovate, test, refine, repeat!
CRM Implementation Specialist

Meet Rachael, a senior test engineer for Tuatahi First Fibre, based in Hamilton.

Racheal Morrison relocated to Cambridge to advance her tech career and hasn’t looked back. Discover what life in the Waikato looks like for Racheal now, in her words.

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