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Hamilton ‘prime spot’ for creating high-performance tech workspaces

With competition for talent heating up, and an increasingly agile work model, high-performing workspaces in the tech industry are more important than ever, says Alexander Wastney, founder of Hamilton-based commercial interior design business, Designwell.

And, according to Alexander, Hamilton offers the ideal conditions for businesses to create them. 

“Business owners in Hamilton, including the tech industry, are really starting to get how important the performance of a space is when it comes to business outcomes,” he says. 

Designwell founder, Alexander Wastney.

“Gone are 9-5 office days. We have a much healthier, more balanced work life now. But that does ​mean​ when people do come in, space needs to work a lot harder to foster social connection, collaboration and learning – things that are becoming more important, as the world moves to a more flexible and hybrid work approach.” 

Alexander goes on to say that the next generation of knowledge workers are looking for purpose-driven organisations and are expecting a work environment that reinforces that shared purpose.  

“The growing challenge for the tech-industry in particular is the tendency for tech workers to become more isolated from community and their co-workers given the wide adoption of hybrid work.” 

However a thoughtfully designed workspace can help address this, he adds. 

“Incorporating commute-worthy design elements, for example, that reflect the unique identity of the business can make employees feel more at home and valued. And combining designated workstations with informal social areas can allow people to moderate their level of interaction based on their work style. 


Tech company, Dynamo6’s fresh HQ reflects their focus on creativity, innovation and boldness.

“Each organisation we work with has a unique purpose, personality and approach to work. It’s our job to instil the brand essence into workspaces so they embody the brand and create a home for a healthy work culture to happen.” 

Alexander explains they’ve found it​​ easier and more feasible to achieve cost-effective, centrally located and community-connected workspaces in Hamilton, given its scale and affordability. 

Dynamo6 in Made

Dynamo6 is situated in Hamilton latest urban precinct, MADE

“Take Dynamo6, for example. Over the space of eight years, they were able to go from a small startup space to a custom-designed space that has been carefully curated to foster a sense of belonging and purpose, drive collaboration, impress clients and attract talent – all within Hamilton’s central city. 

“So businesses can create a tailored workplace that supports their purpose, ​and ​approach while still being connected into an urban community of other businesses.” 

IT Partners is another centrally located tech firm that has invested in a workspace that reflects their commitment to their team, adds Alexander. 

“It’s a space that offers their people a productive, connected and beautiful work environment for the days they’re working in the office.

Managed services provider, IT Partners’ new workspace in Hamilton East is one way it attracts and retains staff.

“And doing it in Hamilton is actually achievable,” he says.  

“There’s plenty of building stock and ​​space to grow and change in a modern way. Plus, businesses can do things a little differently within a scope that wouldn’t be feasible in larger commercial centres. 

“There are some very visionary, eager and capable developers, like Stark Property, Fosters and Tainui Group Holdings for example, who are paving the way for growth and working collaboratively alongside business owners to thrive in Hamilton.” 

IT Partners

Alongside this, Alexander says Hamilton’s tech sector is unique in that it creates space for innovative thinkers who have bold aspirations to connect and grow.   

“Waikato’s tech sector has a solid foundation from innovative start-ups, world leading educators and established tech businesses who are major players, globally. So the community is accessible, rich and diverse and that creates a fertile platform for growth here in the Waikato.” 

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