Tech in the Tron

Next-gen software &
web engineering

Quantum computing, AI, blockchain and sophisticated data analytics are enabling Waikato-based companies to deliver software services on a global scale.

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Meet Emily

an app developer at Shift72

Hear what she has to say about living and working in the Waikato.

Alex is an
IT Manager and Mobile App Consultant at Enlighten Designs

"I have opportunity to try different career directions in my company. Everyone is so honest and sincere. Being able to grow my career in Hamilton has been a blessing."


Why software services professionals
choose the Waikato

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A collaborative and supportive network

The traditional lines between design, engineering and development don’t get in our way.

"Tech for good" has real meaning

Software solutions developed in the Tron are addressing societal and environmental challenges around the world.

Dynamic career opportunities

Established firms and hungry upstarts are here and hiring.

Plus the lifestyle

Connect to opportunities
for tech jobs, professional growth and industry connection

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