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Hamilton tech firm, IT Partners, sets gold standard for staff wellbeing and career growth

In a world in which tech companies are vying for top talent, Hamilton IT specialists IT Partners is revolutionising employee wellbeing and career progression.

From personal trainers and first-home contributions to top-quartile salaries and professional growth initiatives, nabbing a role within this forward-thinking company is becoming increasingly coveted.  

Managing Director Andrew Johnson says their ever-evolving array of top-tier benefits are designed not only to attract top talent but retain and nurture them. 

“Our most valuable assets aren’t our technology solutions, they’re the people behind them,” he says. 

“We want our teams to feel recognised, appreciated and to grow with the company.” 

Beyond the usual perks 

While IT Partners offer some of the more classic perks like hybrid working, company vehicles and extended leave, that’s just the beginning. 

Employees can also get a first home contribution of up to $7,500 each and access to a gym and on-staff personal trainer providing a weekly 45-minute wellness or PT session. 

Staff get access to weekly personal training sessions plus a raft of other wellness initiatives.  

To complement this, staff get an annual $1,000 wellness allowance, full home-office setup and unlimited home internet connection. 

Competitive salaries are also a vital part of the package, explains Andrew.   

“We look at industry stats and recruitment data, and ensure we are consistently paying in the upper quartile. Then we adjust as needed to ensure we’re meeting the market for high performance,”.  

When it comes to the office environment, their new and modern space in Hamilton East with standing desks, multiple monitor set-up, tech-leading meeting spaces, quality coffee machine and in-house library is, according to Andrew, “one of the best in Hamilton”. 

Working from home, says Andrew, isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged.  

“We’re all juggling many things outside of work, so if working from home makes people’s lives easier, we’re all for it.  

“Besides that, we also live in a region that’s full of opportunities for adventure, especially outdoors. We want to give our people the flexibility to enjoy that work-life balance.” 

Employee growth and satisfaction  

Andrew says that supporting the teams’ development is a key part of their strategy to stay ahead of the curve.  

“We lay clear pathways to guide individual growth, right from the recruitment process. And at the same time, we acknowledge that career progression looks different for everyone,” explains Andrew. 

“It’s not necessarily always about vertical growth. While some want to move up, others might want to explore options laterally. It’s about recognising each person’s potential, be it in their current role or a new one. We ensure everyone has a plan tailored to their skills and aspirations,” he says. 

“And that’s one benefit of working for a tech company in Hamilton as opposed to a larger player in the big smoke – if you’re willing to put in the work, then finding your place and progressing quickly can be far more achievable.” 

Continuous learning 

Recognising that professional development isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavour, IT Partners offer a multifaceted approach catering to individual aspirations and learning styles. 

From webinars and certificates to higher education courses and mentorship opportunities, each employee can explore professional development options, with a guideline budget of $3,000 per year.  

And this isn’t strictly for technical training. Andrew believes that soft skills like listening and resiliency are just as important. 

 “While it’s ultimately up to each person to lead their professional journey, we also see the business as having a pivotal role to play in facilitating that journey. 

“So, we’re removing barriers to education and ensuring our team has access to both internal and external learning opportunities.  

“This not only helps us stay ahead of the curve but ensures we have a team that’s engaged, empowered, and always near the leading edge.” 

Grow your tech career 

IT Partners are always on the lookout for quality talent, including first-line engineers, systems engineers, senior systems engineers and technical consultants.  

Explore career opportunities at IT Partners or join the Virtual Bench – a pre-qualified pool of talent, made up of professionals who have completed the recruitment process and are kept in regular contact for upcoming opportunities. 

About IT Partners

IT Partners provides support and solutions to medium-to-large businesses across New Zealand, with a focus on the Waikato region.  

With expertise from strategic planning to cybersecurity, network solutions, telecommunications and cloud services, their tailored IT services aim to help businesses develop a stronger connection with and understanding of technology in order to enhance business performance. 

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